Gig review, vinyl research

Here’s a great little video explaining how vinyl records are made:

We’re almost finished recording everything at the Map Room in SE Portland and as I write this, flamenco singer Vicente “El Cartucho” Griego is laying down some vocals for our album in New Mexico.  The comic book for the album is being inked, and mixing/mastering will begin in early April by Nick Moon at Tone Proper Studios.  We’re also researching places that can manufacture white vinyl records and to our surprise many have a several month wait list, all saying that the demand for vinyl record production is up!   Get your used record players now!

Hope to see you this Saturday at Tango Berretín — Andrew, Megan and I will be playing at the milonga.

Volve al Tambor LIVE performance at Tango Berretin Feb. 2nd, 2013

Our premiere of this great murga inspired milonga by Javier Arias of Orquesta Tipica Misteriosa and murga man Ariel Pratt.
Alex Krebs – bandoneon
Andrew Oliver – piano
Pepe Raphael – vocals
Jesse Brooke – cajon
Jeff Johnson – bass
Lisbeth Dreier – violin

Filmed at Tango Berretin in Portland, OR on Feb. 2nd, 2013

Rehearsal last Tuesday, Jan. 22nd

We rehearsed a few new songs last Tuesday at Tango Berretin, including a murga-inspired milonga composed by Javier Arias of Orquesta Tipica Misteriosa one of our favorite bands playing new music for dancing with lyrics by Ariel Pratt called “Volve al Tambor.”  We first heard this song on a YouTube video of Misteriosa when they premiered it at their weekly milonga in Buenos Aires about 6 months ago.  We were really excited about this new milonga they had composed so we got in touch and they sent us the lyrics.  We worked up an arrangement and tried it out Tuesday, though Jesse, our percussionist was sick (like most everyone in Portland around now), but here’s what Volve al Tambor sounds like sans modified drum kit:

We also rehearsed two new alternative tangos that we composed, a new arrangement of “Zorzal” with Pepe Raphael singing on which he completely delivers on (as usual) and looked over two traditional tangos that we composed late last year.

Next rehearsal next Tuesday to prep up for our upcoming gigs in Feb. (2nd, and 16th at Berretin, 23rd and 24th at the Valentango festival).

Working on the new album

  So, we will be releasing a new tango album this summer on vinyl and digital download.  It’ll be all original compositions exploring a different vein of tango.  We just sent three recorded tracks to a studio in Albuquerque for flamenco legend Vicente Griego to lay down some vocals, and two tracks to a studio in the Bay Area where saxophonist jazz giant and old family friend, Hafez Modirzadeh, will be doing some overdubbing. We have no idea what genre this music really is, but it’s danceable and we like it.