For our vinyl release Oct. 25th: Venue found! Opening band found! DJ found!

So, our vinyl release concert/party will be at the Alhambra Theatre (4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd. in Portland, OR).  We just learned that Martin Zarzar, Pepe Raphael and Mario Diaz (plus others in their ensemble) will be the opening act!  We will also have DJ Tyrant spinning before/in between sets.  We’ll also be projecting our two music videos and our comic book (did I mention we had a 16 page comic book made that comes with the vinyl?).

FB event page, and ticket sales will be up shortly!


Band Pianist

So, our pianist for 3 years, Andrew Oliver, moved to London… :(

He won’t be on keys anymore, but we chat every Wednesday and are still composing/arranging/collaborating together from afar.  He will however be joining us for the “What The Tango?!” vinyl release party on Friday, Oct. 25th at the Alhmabra Theatre in Portland (4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd.)

Galen Clark will be on keys for the Sept. 7th gig at my studio, and Octavio Brunetti (NYC) will be on keys during the Portland Tango Festival (

Que Vuelva La Lluvia (eO Remix)

Music video of one of the remixes of one of our songs
So, we have a new band name for the Alternative Tango stuff we’ve been composing it’s…drum roll please…”What the Tango?!” and the album (coming out Oct. 25th) is titled “Alt Mission” We’ll be releasing it with a party/concert at the Alhambra Theatre (4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd.) on Oct. 25th.

We also have a website for this incarnation of the band:
Filmed and Edited by Mauricio Carvajal (Tenorio)

Recent Gig at Norse Hall in Portland

So, here’s our song “Ojos Que No Ven” that will be out on vinyl on Oct. 25th, 2013. We got dressed up and played in the middle of the dancefloor on a Wednesday night tango dance at Norse Hall. Tons of Fun!
Also, our band name “The Tango Snatchers” has been vetoed by members of the band, so we’re looking for a new name. I asked my 6 year-old for ideas and he suggested “The Tango Bandits” which I thought was cool. Pretty sure the name of the album will be: “What The Tango?!”