Studio Video + Gas Mask (!?)

We’ve been in the studio recently laying down tracks for our new album of alternative tangos for dancing…thus the lack of blog posts…HOWEVER we have 2 videos for you today!  Firstly we got some footage of Erin and Jeff laying down killer violin and bass tracks on Alt 6 (we need song titles!!).  You’ll also hear the bando, piano, drums and vocals which we recorded the previous day.  This is just a rough mix but things are sounding pretty great!  We’re excited about the new tunes and vibe:

We also had a rehearsal recently while the floor in the back of the studio was being refinished.  The fumes were HORRIBLE so Jesse, our drummer, ran home to get his GAS MASK (!?), something only Jesse would just have on hand.

Hope everyone in Portland is enjoying the sun today!  More music soon!  Gig calendar is also up to date.


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