Tango 13 + Gig tonight!

Well we’re looking forward to another fun evening of music and dancing at Tango Berretin this evening!  As always Alex teaches the beginner class at 8 and dancing from 9-2am with live music at 10:30.

In addition to debuting “Volve al Tambor” (see previous post) we’re also going to performing some of our newest “traditional style” tangos that Alex and I have composed.  Tango #13 (awaiting a title – any suggestions are welcome in the comments section!) is a “crunchier” thing that we wrote in an effort to see how far we could stretch certain conventions and still remain danceable.  There’s a lot of harmonic and melodic tension in this one but somehow, in the end, it didn’t turn out quite as weird as we had imagined while composing it.  Here’s a recording from last week’s rehearsal, not perfect, but the point gets across:

Enjoy, pass it around, download for free, etc!  Have a few listens and then come and dance to it tonight!  See you there.


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