The Alex Krebs Tango Orchestra from Portland, OR plays traditional and contemporary music for tango dancing!

We have been performing in Portland and around the US since 2011 and have been featured at Portland’s TangoFest and Valentango, Seattle Tango Magic, the Baltimore Tango Element Festival (backing up Alberto Podesta and Ariel Ardit), the Minneapolis Tango Festival, and our home base at Tango Berretin in Portland.  We have released three albums ranging from traditional to alternative and will be on tour in Europe in June 2017.

More information on the Orchestra and the alternative tango “What The Tango” band are below, and you can find our programs for our summer 2017 European tour here.

The Orchestra

7-piece tango orchestra playing traditional and new tangos for dancing:


What The Tango?!

The offspring of Argentine tango, rock, and jazz: